Monday, September 26, 2011

5-year hiatus, apparently

Well, I started this blog when I was in high school, and at that point I was already too busy updating my Myspace and Xanga(s) and all that other oldskool shit to keep this up. Pretty sure I have a LJ floating around somewhere too, who the fuck knows. Then Facebook came along and I stopped caring about broadcasting my thoughts to the universe (except maybe in 130 characters or less) and, like everyone else, developed a great interest in status- and photo-stalking people I don't really talk to or give a shit about. So here's a brief synopsis of my life now:

I'm in college, living with a friend, her brother, his fiance, and our 3 dogs. We are a tangled slew of financial-, academic-, and health-related anxiety and tension by day and alcoholics by night. The dogs live in the back yard until lunchtime/bedtime because they are obnoxious. When the end of the month comes around, we are on the phone with our parents begging for either money or sheer sympathy--the latter of which is seldom received, which for me invokes a whirlwind of rage, so I drink about it; that got me in trouble recently, so I figured I'd start blogging about it.

That's about it. The end.

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